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How's my flying?

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Keith Shirogane
Is this recording? Shi- Hey, this is Keith. Sorry I couldn't get to you, leave a message.


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18+?: Yes
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NAME: Keith
AGE: Late teens
CANON: Voltron: Legendary Defender

"The Red Lion is temperamental and the most difficult to master. It's faster and more agile than the others, but also more unstable. Its pilot needs to be someone who relies more on instincts than skill alone. Keith, you will fly the Red Lion."

First thing to know about Keith, is that he usually takes on a calm and collective demeanor. It makes him a valuable member of the team, as he's able to stay calm in stressful situations and be observant of possible ways to handle them. This is seen when he's first introduced and they escape on the hovercraft. He's able to outmaneuver his pursuers and handle the excess weight from his peers to his advantage. He's also able to do maneuvers that were terrifying to the others, but he did with ease. Another example is during the corruption of the ship. Keith is able to stay in combat with the rogue training droid and eventually get rid of it while saving Lance. He only really loses his cool and freaks once they're safe. He can lose his cool though, as it's not perfect. It's seen during them finding the Blue Lion and Keith's demeanor breaking under Lance's piloting skills. It also shows when he becomes exasperated when he's lost trying to find the Red Lion.

His ability to keep his cool also helps with being able to be perceptive of his surroundings. He's shown to be able to notice things regularly and isn't exclusive to just dire situations. He's got a perceptive and tactical mind under his belt. When they're retrieving the Red Lion from the Galra, Keith pops the air lock where Red is kept when he knows he's outnumbered. He chooses the option with the best outcome and the highest chance of survival. Keith also is aware of Pidge's true gender before she actually tells everyone. Lastly, during the final episode, Keith is shown being able to maneuver Red and take down multiple Galra ships during battle and still be aware of Shiro's plight. Enough for him to be aware of what's happening and leads to him preventing the Black Lion from being taken initially before fighting Zarkon.

Underneath that calm demeanor is a rather wild temper though. He encompasses the element and nature of the Red Lion. He's much like a flame himself; someone that can't be controlled and unruly at times. His hotheadedness leads Keith to being a rather unpredictable person at times. His temper has him really push his limits, as he'll refuse to stop once he's set his mind to something, but it's a double-edge sword much like the form his Bayard takes. It can lead him to making rash decisions or being reckless at times, something that isn't always helpful when he's confident in his skills. His temper is constantly ignited by Lance, whom has a rivalry of some sort. The two are seen bickering constantly due to Keith's competitiveness and temper when he's provoked by the other. This asshole also changed the art style momentarily through sheer rage. The best example of his temper working for and against him is his battle with Zarkon. Despite his quick wit, cunning, and raw talent, he was no match against the other. Despite that, he still refused to back down and even shut off the comm system with him while he fought. He was able to also tap into abilities of his Lion and forming the large plasma cannon that stalled Zarkon. His inability to back down lead to Keith having his Lion incapacitated and needing to be saved by Shiro.

Keith is probably the worst at socializing out of all of them. He's seen to probably have the worst social skills and probably spent the least time around people. Orphaned at a young age, Keith seems to not have a full understanding of the importance of certain bonds. He didn't seem to understand why Pidge would abandon Voltron, them, and the universe for the sake of her father and brother for instance. He even grew very angry at them for what he thought was a ridiculous decision. Keith is also kind of a lone wolf type and didn't seem to really connect with his fellows during his time at the Garrison. This is apparent when Keith seemed to have forgotten his colleagues after expulsion and didn't have any idea who Lance was at first. He takes the longest to warm up to others, being wary of the Arusians at first, despite the race being small and peaceful.

He's not completely prickly though. Keith is still young and he's shown that he can be relaxed and have fun and even goof around. It can be seen when they're having a party in the castle. He laughs with Hunk and the Arusians and seems to be particularly carefree. He lets loose and partakes in the food fight against Allura and Coran. He laughs with everyone else at the end. He's also got a more sensitive side that's implied while they're at his shack. He mentions feeling being at a loss, which shows that even he can be shaken.


Keith has a lot of combative skill under his belt. Because of how fast he is on his feet, it makes him a rather formidable foe. He's got high close hand combat ability, not to mention, he's skilled with a blade. It really shows that he's a strong fighter with his ability to keep fighting the members of the Blade of Marmora during the Trials of Marmora, whom were definitely higher skilled and experienced than him. His potential was evident though.

He's also a skilled tactician and can work with explosive, as seen when he gets Shiro out of quarantine. He knew how to divert attention with the use of explosions. He also knew how to use them, probably due his training with Garrison.

It's apparent based on the fact he was top student and what we've seen in canon that Keith is a prodigal pilot. He's able to maneuver, with seeming ease, through Galra fire. He's also the one pilot that Shiro entrusted to enter the Blade of Malmora base, which was between two black holes. He also outmaneuvered Garrison personnel on his hoverbike and used the extra weight from Hunk to his advantage in escaping their pursuers.

AU NAME: Keith Shirogane
AU AGE: 18

Keith Shirogane is the younger brother of Takashi Shirogane ([personal profile] herdingspacecats). He was born in Japan and lived with his parents and Shiro along with other children that the parents had taken in to foster.

Growing up, he was always surrounded by his siblings. His parents were a loving pair, but due to the many children, sometimes had trouble giving everyone the attention they may have needed. Despite knowing his parents cared, Keith got into a lot of trouble as he grew up in an attempt to seek attention. It probably started when he was in late grade school, but didn't become a huge issue until probably when he was in his middle school grade. Takashi sat him down proper though, and Keith eventually cleaned up and buckled down when going to high school.

Keith attended high school and cram school while living in Japan. He was also in extracurricular activities while attending, such as being on track and field. During high school, Keith did a foreign exchange program, which had him attend a year of high school in Recollé. During that time, he grew to enjoy and love the city and the people in it. With such a positive experience, Keith considered the university back in Recollé when he was deciding universities to apply for. It wasn't the only university he applied for, of course, and he was accepted to many, it not all, of the universities he applied for with such stunning academics and extracurricular under his belt.

His decision to go to Recollé for college is based on his positive experience while there when he was in high school and the fact that Takashi had decided to open a bakery there. Being very close to Takashi, he wanted to be close to the other to be a familiar face for the other, but also to help him with the bakery. Keith had always been very family oriented and helped out a lot with taking care of the family through cleaning/chores and cooking and just watching their younger siblings. Takashi had always looked out for him, and he wants to help back in anyway possible.

While Keith is still not the most sociable, he's a lot friendlier than his canon counterpart. He's much easier to approach due to how he grew up and the environment of being surrounded by so many others that were considered his siblings. He's a lot more social and has a better understanding of people than in canon, having grown up surrounded by people and not being orphaned at a young age. Keith is also more polite due to his Japanese upbringing.

His anger is also much more subdued. It takes more to rile him up and he's generally much calmer and able to keep himself in check now. He was much easier to upset when he was younger, but he became less so when he entered high school and buckled down.

Keith is also more outwardly cheerful and less private than his canon counterpart. He's had a more forgiving life growing up, and it's more apparent in how he holds himself in public. Keith is more willing to rely on others than to try and handle everything on his own. He's independent still, but he's willing to be more dependent on others.

He's (maybe) dorkier. He loves sentai and mecha cartoons and shows. He's super into keeping up with anime/manga and works on robot kits.

His piloting skills, because he's going into aero engineering and not actually becoming a pilot, has manifested in the form of Initial D.

For the most part, working at the bakery had been a rather pleasant experience. People were kind and seemed rather happy about the bakery opening up. He had never considered himself very good at small talk, which he found, was something that happened a lot while working in the front of the shop.

Not every experience is positive though. He knows that not everything is always gonna go perfectly, but he only ever been exasperated or irritated at most. He never had been in a situation where he actually got mad.

It had been a normal day overall. Nothing was too different from his typical day. He got up early to help with preparation for the bakery and to get things ready before he left to school. Keith attended his classes as usual. Today was one of his shorter days at university, which meant he spent a good portion of the day working at the bakery. After classes, he goes back to the apartment and takes a quick shower before heading to the bakery. Keith then helped at the bakery, usually by working cashier and sometimes helping with actual baking when needed.

Nothing too atypical.

It was fine until a particular customer came in. It started off fine with them browsing the bakery and they seemed pleasant enough. Keith couldn't even say where things started to go south, but voices soon got raised, and he found himself having to bite his tongue.

"I understand what you're trying to say, sir, but-"

Customers aren't always right, or at least, Keith hates that statement. He's trying to be as patient as possible, but being yelled at and being interrupted was quickly trying him.

"Sir, please don't ye-"

Other customers were shuffling out or seemed apprehensive to stay in the bakery. This is bad. Keith had to get them out before it got worse. He grits his teeth and clenches his fists a bit. Patience. Shiro told him to always be patience. He lets out a breath.

"I'm sorry, but I need you to leave. Please." Uh oh. That wasn't taken too well. The customer seemed to have gotten madder and Keith is all about to raise his voice and potentially start something more, when one of the bakers in the back come to intervene. He lets out a breath of relief and takes the time to disappear into the back to cool off. He can't help but slam his fist against the wall before letting out a breath.

When things seemed to settle down and he no longer hears the voice of the man, he looks up with a weak smile.

"Thanks. I appreciate it." He had forgotten that the staff were there for him and they'd help him in a pinch.


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